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Friday, May 14, 2010

Back again

So, quite a few things have happened to me since I last posted on here. I started writing a book, took up smoking, bought a Playstation, my girlfriend left me, etc.

But I’ve decided to begin blogging again because I’m now working in agencies fairly regularly and I think it’s about the least useless use of downtime there is. There’s something about being in an office that means I have to find some sort of release valve for the less socially acceptable parts of my personality.

Also, the Advertisers Anonymous blog flopped hard and it’s embarrassing for me when The Narcoleptics Daily links to that and it’s just a useless Brazilian animation that some random Brazilian has posted.

Ben Kay’s blog
has just recently got so good that there’s really no need for another advertising blog, so I’ll be trying to diversify. Writing more about things like Kingsley Amis and video games. I’d quite like to write for Wired as well so we’ll see if we can bring that about. I will still write about advertising, because I still find it to be one of the most bizarre human activities going, second only to taking a meat hammer to your own knees only a daily basis.

I have number of new features in mind. Including SHAG LILY ALLEN – in which I use social media to seduce celebrity starlet Lily Allen. Kingsley Amis's Life Kitchen. Brother Stevie said he might be up for doing some drawings, so who knows we might even finish The Sisters of Inversion or something.

Hold on to your fedoras fellas.

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Sam Roberts said...

Good to have you back, here's an initial seduction tactic...