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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The best copy I've seen in ages

Hey look, a really good press advert. Unique proposition, 'try eating slowly', sweet design, nice bit of writing too:

No idea who made it and Campaign won't tell me, but what do you want to bet it's a relatively small agency and they're not being totally ridden by Sir Gulam Noon to make something flashy.

Historically British-Indian entrepreneurial spirit goes quite well with advertising, as evidenced by Cobra's consistently great stuff. In fact I think my favourite tube card ever was the unsung Cobra campaign 'Have a Cobra. Or something else if you'd prefer.' (the beer that puts you under less pressure). Conservative budgets and one guy in charge makes the whole process much less painful.

In other news, I've nearly finished Red Dead Redemption but have already stopped regarding it as a form of recreation and see it now as more of a Satanic Chore. It's like the videogame equivalent of War And Peace, because by all accounts I've got to the end, I've killed all the bad guys, John Marston has been re-united with his wife and son, and yet the game still tells me that it's barely 70% complete. I'm now formally a rancher, so I'm worried that the rest of the game will be a realist study in farming in 1900s America, more Hud than Once Upon a Time in The West, and I'm going to spend the next two weeks dipping virtual cows to ward off foot and mouth disease.

What does it mean that millions of people are Being John Marston? I don't know, and if my brain weren't so addled with videogames I could probably postulate something in about 500 words. As it is, I'm having trouble even leaving my flat.


Jon Howard said...

Saatchis, you'll probably be surprised to hear then.

Gordon Comstock said...

Yep, called that one wrong.

Ben Kay is always going on about Saatchis, I might have to start believing him.

Ben said...

No need to believe me, but they are much better since Mr. Silburn arrived. It's a nice, grown-up, organised place, too. And reviews with Kate Stanners are always fun. Anyway, I'm at Wiedens now. A completely different experience...

Gordon Comstock said...

Yeah, I saw that. Although I'm extremely happy with my current two-day-a-week central London gig I did get a bit nostalgic for last summer reading your post. It's got a good vibe that place.

Hard work though innit?

Where are you sitting?

Ben said...

Second floor in the old building, back to the front window.