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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


TFL slightly improve on their effort from 1 or 2 years ago which to my mind was insulting to every sensible adult that saw it, whatever the colour of their skin.

M&C do TFL's advertising at the moment and you can just tell Graham Fink loves writing those minicab rape ads. Bet he asked the British Transport Police to get him a load of rape witness statements to read and all.

I won't be going to carnival this year, I'm too old, too sober and unless you're occupied with filling your bladder with Red Stripe and then finding somewhere to empty it, it's too much like commuting during a very lary tube strike.


Ben said...

That would be far better, braver and more perceptive if it showed a Hackett-wearing Fulham twatpipe getting into a black man suit.

An opportunity missed, methinks.

Gordon Comstock said...

Funnily enough some of the Aussies do black up to go to the Walkabout dress up nights on Shepherds Bush Green. I wonder if we could some convince them that it was a sort of Carnival tradition.