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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brother Stevie Delivers...

...and GC drops the baby.

Stevie actually delivered these on time for Easter whilst I was off stuffing my greedy face with Welsh Cakes in a caravan. We've had requests for a winner in the Pet Portraiture competition Stevie - I think the judging has been a long, drawn-out process – but at least it has caused Integral to log on to your site every few minutes, which does wonders for the stats, let me tell you.

Sometimes I like to imagine a live action equivalent of blogging, which would involve my standing on a box, wearing a blindfold and shouting and sticking pictures to the railings.

That might sound mad, but what would that make the people who kept coming back to watch?


Untegral said...

Yeah. Where's my crap cat?

Integral said...

By the way. Are you monitoring stats for other people's websites, too, now?

You mad stats bastard.

Gordon Comstock said...

Nope, I was just going on your comments here. I tend not to monitor other people's stats – Scamp does a pretty good job of it.