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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Installation 5/135 - Camera phone, blog, digital advertising site

Back by, would you believe it, popular demand, this is the fifth in my series of 135 relational art installations, created using just my camera phone, existing advertising media and this blog. We're really whizzing through these aren't we?

This one is called "I didn't come here to be insulted."

It flashed up on one of the super-futuristic-hi-tech advertising pods that are scattered all over the massive echoing spaces of The Westfield. I'm spending a lot of time in the Westfield in fact I've secretly started to think of myself as "the poet of the Westfield." Not just one of the unemployed, wandering zombie-like through a shopping mall as though I still had money to buy things. Not. at. all.

So the headline is for Timberland and looks to me like the handiwork of one of adland's most feared writers, Tim Delaney, author of some of advertising's most abrasive headlines including "Table for two? Certainly you old trout."(Berlitz, 1991), "It's a Philips, Phucker" (Philips, 1985) and also "We took their buffallo, their land and their women. Then we went back for their shoes." (Timberland, 1992).

There's something delicious about an ultramodern high-tech media display being used to flash snide abuse at shoppers in a recently opened and totally deserted shopping mall at the beginning of what's shaping up to be a major-recession-shaped recession.

The installation is now open, go along, contemplate your inadequate pension provision and maybe don't buy any hiking boots. They're only worn by closeted homosexuals anyway.

PS: First time readers, I suggest you click the tag below for the entire series. Then at least you'll have some idea what's going on. Maybe email me, if you work it out.

UPDATE: My Dad (who is also acting sub-editor) pointed out that the "closeted homosexuals" remark might be interpreted as homophobic. I'd like point out that all my best friends are closeted homosexuals.

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