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Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning Memento Mori

According to Wikipedia there were 3,263 prisoners on death row in the USA in 2008.

You might have thought that the main advantage of being condemned to death would at least be knowing when one was going to die - however Jack Alderman had been on death row for 33 years before the United States penal system kicked into gear and had him lethally injected last year. The oldest prisoner in the United States is Leroy Nash, who at aged 93 is considered by US legal experts to be "too old to die."

Even working at a fairly low grade DM agency is probably substantially more fun than being on death row, but you are only slightly less likely to die.

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Ben said...

The death you feel inside is 1000 times worse. There will be no conceivable end, save for suicide.