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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kingsley Amis's Life Kitchen no.1

Week by week I'll be bringing you pearls of wisdom from Britain's last great misanthrope. Amis's reputation is in no need of revival, yet or ever really.

'Man's sexual aim, he had often said to himself, is to convert a creature who is cool, dry, calm, articulate, independent, purposeful into a creature that is the opposite of these; to demonstrate to an animal which is pretending not to be an animal that it is an animal.'

One Fat Englishman p.110

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John said...

Everyday Drinking is the BEST!

No. Fuck it.

They're ALL the BEST.


His lad is a massively hollow, over rated vagina though. I think I've said that here before though. Just to clarify:

Kingsley = Fucking YES!
Martin = Christ no.