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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unoriginality splice?

Shit ad right?

Does it make it better or worse that the visual is stolen from this quite good campaign:

And the soundtrack meme from this excellent Christmas ad:

Who is making these adverts? Who are you? What does it feel like just not to give a shit? Seriously, I'd love to know.

Is there anything you can't sell with anthropomorphic animals?

So many questions and so few answers.


John said...

So many fucking cows in ads at the minute, all trying to tell/remind me that milk comes (duh!) from cows. But I don't blame the creatives for this shit. I blame all the suits/clients who think "our milk comes from cows" is a USP.

Anonymous said...

Think Anchor might just pre-date Cravendale in the 'owning of cows to flog product' category Gordon.
And as for the music, just because two ads use re-worked versions of GNR songs as their soundtracks isn't a crime. If that was the case, Magners, Apple and Sony have all ripped each other off when it comes to using the Stones as their soundtracks.