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Monday, October 18, 2010

Microsoft finally make a decent ad


Ben said...

Problems: endline=Oasis album title
Oldest conceit in the book (people distracted by product) is only partly mitigated by the fact that that they're not distracted by the product they're selling.

Otherwise, very well made and love the use of 'really?'

Integral said...

Lovely. For a moment I thought it was encouraging the sort of twatish behaviour the iPhone has brought into our lives.

It's still got one of those shitty touch screens tho', so I can't use it when I'm driving. You're allowed to do that, right? I've only clipped a couple of people so far.

P.S. The dude in the advert below is Tim Lovejoy. He used to be on Soccer AM, so I guess that's why you don't know him. An odd choice of a 'celebrity' to include, if you ask me. It is a quite staggeringly shit ad, though, I have to agree.