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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 questions the client never asked

In a perfect world, all adverts would look like this one, from the back page of today's Guardian.
1. Have you got anything more modern?
2. Where is the URL?
3. Yeah but, how will they know how to get to iTunes?
4. Could they be holding iPods?
5. I can't see that one's face, can we shoot again?
6. Won't people think they work for Apple or something?
7. Where is the price?
8. Research says people don't like Ringo, can we take him out?
9. Where are the brand colours?
10. Can we make the logo bigger?

The perfect ad by the perfect agency working for the perfect client on the perfect product.


Michael said...

I could not agree more. I did an ad for Dell a few years back.

They had just won a prestigious award in Germany. The ad was to be placed in a PC magazine (you know the ones, totally covered in packshots, price points, birdseed).

We just did a copy of the award on a white background and just the Dell logo- very VW. German client loved it but then it went to the US for approval.

And yep, you guessed it, after twenty rounds of amends it was covered in packshots, price points and birdseed.

Sell! Sell! said...


But have you also noticed that the ad also states clearly and pithily the message that is the whole point of the communication? Why so few people in advertising feel that that is important, I will never know (ok, I think I do know, but it's too long and boring to get into now). I'm pretty sure that if people didn't always try to hide the message behind layers of faux-creative veneer, they would have an easier time getting good things bought by the client.

adrian said...

I think she missed the point:!/mariesornin/statuses/7691263214092288

Anonymous said...

Not much else to say other than that this is a brilliant post!