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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Yeah look sorry

Haven't posted in a while, this job is keeping me very busy indeed, and got a commission for the YCN annual which used up the spare room in my brain all last week (there is a spare room, and a cellar with a drain in the floor). Quite pleased with how it turned out.

Plenty to like about this. Tim Key is brilliant, although never all that funny on Charlie Brooker's show, he has a great comic sensibility if you knowhaddImean.

Fosters is a strange fit isn't it? But in way it's a better model where brands pay for high quality viral films and save on media than writing their own adverts.

I have a post, as it were, in the clip. I will fire right into your brain as soon as I get 20 minutes to type continuously without someone inviting me to a meeting.


John said...

Tim Key's book is wonderful.


Gabriel Adonis said...

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Anonymous said...

Rose room now!


Ben said...

Your YT links never work.

Gabriel, which mine do you want us to visit?

Gordon Comstock said...

Yeah they do. You just gotta click the little play button in the corner. I've got a bit of an overlay issue with my template I've never managed to iron out.