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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mac vs. PC

So, ok, it's nasty. But what else is there to like about this ad?
Well I like quite how nasty it is. How they seem to have understood that geeks treat the Mac/PC choice as a kind of blood feud.

It seems almost designed to incite virulent YouTube commentary. To whit:

LOL the Mac OS was first Windows is just an imatation, if you realy think that then you must have an Fuck Ward head and an coconut for an brain, you are so un open minded and an shit brick to, dont forget the shit brick part!!!!

YouTube comments are great aren't they?

And it encourages us, explicitly, to think about the act of advertising in quite a sophisticated, unpatronising way.

Why TBWA ever bothered with the Mitchell and Webb version, with the much better US version extant in this country, is totally beyond me. I always see those TBWA fuckers hanging around on the corner, and when I see them I spit.

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