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Friday, November 07, 2008

Oh it drives itself does it? Yeah, in your ADVERT.

Now I like Grant Parker very much. Not only has he been responsible wholly or partly for much of the excellent advertising that has come out of DDB over the past few years - he's also exactly the kind of bloke you want to have on your side in fight, so long as it is fight is with an account director about the size of the logo or the necessity of expensive hand crafted metal type to give your ad the necessary je ne sais quoi and so long as it's not so much of a fight and more just a brusque discussion.

But this ad is based on a claim that simply isn't true. Unless the Tiguan actually does park itself, showing the Tiguan parking itself is just misleading. Confusing even. And no amount of deep South schtick will make it anything but.

It's redeemed for me by the YouTube reaction of the citizens of Ellijay. They're tickled pink. A comment from Topher (not, I believe, a nickname):

it's so cool! there's a little bit of the whole town in it! Lucille Ave...The barn behind the primary school, the city barber shop, the city cemetery. I just wish we still lived the simple life like it's portrayed.

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