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Monday, September 21, 2009

How not to write No. 2

Surf YouTube collecting as many intro sequence to 90s yoof TV show 'The Word' as you possibly can. Watch them over and over, and try to work out what the word is for how they make you feel.

It should exist between 'nostalgic' and 'embarrassed', but it's just not there.

I believe Quiet Storm made this one.

If you want to waste extra time not writing, try uploading your videos straight to Blogger. It takes much much longer, but it does seem to get round the no-embed code that Channel4 put on their videos, no-fun sticklers for copyright that they are.

This is going to be sort of a 90s week on Not Voodoo. For precisely no reason.


worm said...

hmmm...the nearest word I could come up with is 'wistful' -

but that only covers 'nostalgia' and 'melancholy', so it depends if seeing repeats of The Word make you want to cry or not.

Anonymous said...

have been checking out the mary whitehouse experience and adam&joe (their old tv programme...)