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Monday, September 14, 2009

How not to write. No.1

Try to beat my high score of 5000m on this.

The copy and the music really do a lot. Anyone know what this is written in/on?

UPDATE: That really is the flash game equivalent of meth amphetamine. It's beautifully designed.
  • It's an escape game, but you can never escape.
  • To play again, you just hit the jump button - so you have no time for your ego to kick in and stop you, you're just suddenly playing again.
  • There's only one button.
  • The music is excellent.
  • The sound effects are excellent.
  • It's really exciting, but it looks like you could run it on a BBC Model B.
  • There's no explanation, it's just laden with stuff that is suggestive of a story.
Can I nominate it for a D&AD pencil? Or something. Can we nominate the bloke that made it to be president this year? Or is that all over already?


EJR said...

oh no, now i'm just trying to beat your score

Gordon Comstock said...

I'll be honest, it was 4474. And it felt like I had reached a state of transcendence.

Gordon Comstock said...

4677 and now I really have to stop.

APROPOS said...

oh great. thanks. that's really not very helpful of you.
But I did beat your score (1165)
the music is brilliant - "Escape from LA/NewYork" ?
the kids will love it
the mrs will be angrier than normal

Gordon Comstock said...

Sadly that's a good 3000m less than my score.

I gave them three dollars I liked it so much.

AdLand Suit said...

Hello! Sorry it's taken me so long (I've been away) but I have beaten your score - 10,397m, which I believe makes me both a winner and a loser. It really is a wonderful thing though.