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Friday, March 06, 2009

Brother Stevie - Back Like Bacon

Read it and weep baby.

Stevie Gee is back from the Bog of Pitch and boy did he have some stuff to get off his chest.

This week is special because Stevie is giving one lucky reader the chance to win his pen and ink illustration, entitled "Why cats are better than dogs" - all you need to do is submit your best pet portrait to dustywolfeagle at hotmail dot com. Steve will post his favourites at his mind-bending Dusty Wolf Eagle Blog. So get sketchin' critters.

It's a real relief to have a contributor back - feels like I've just been carping away in my cave on my own for ages now.

Update 22.09 - I'm finding the title of this post increasingly disturbing with the passing of time.

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