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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hey. Erm. That's my house?

In the continuing tradition of stealing content from ITIABTWC here is the Shelter spot which won at the Creative Circle. This interests me less than the fact that it shows the section of the Hammersmith and City Line between Goldhawk Road and Shepherds Bush and that it's my house that is supposedly collapsing.

The housing crisis is real? Well I can tell you with some certainty that neither this house, nor number 23 is made of enormous playing cards.

Rather undermines their wild claim don't you think?


Anonymous said...

No, not really! It ain't necessarily a wild claim, a lot of people will loose their homes! I don't live in London and don't give a shite about where the ad was shot and especially if your house is it in! If you take your view point you wouldn't be able to appreciate any ad, film or book, it's the message that is important, surely you have to look at it like any other ad, just the same as i don't believe a Guerilla likes to drum Genesis songs in it's spare time! No Guerilla would listen to Genesis!

Normally a good blog, shite entry that!

Gordon Comstock said...


You see what I was doing was taking the ad literally, but for comic effect.

I was, in fact, joking.

I thought this was an activity whose conventions were fairly widespread, even beyond the bounds of the M25, evidently I was mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Presumably the first commentator's spelling and grammar is some sort of joke as well.

Gordon Comstock said...

Yes, really this humour thing is very complicated.

Anonymous said...

You pair of fucking cunts. I cna spell.

Tom Fun said...

Haha. A lovely exchange there, initiated by one of the weirdest reactions to a blog post I've read in a while. Keep it up.

mm said...

i wish i saw this the day you posted - i always feel like a cheap charlatan when I comment retrospectively..and the minute that happens I lose my stiffy and then I feel quite embarrassed and exposed.