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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Is this the first good anti-binge drinking ad ever?

And weirdly it features a bloke who I spent a long weekend in a caravan in Wales with. He's much less fun in real life I can assure you.

If you want you can listen to his topical radio news show Boo Hoo - It's The News I suppose.


Ben said...


It's like pointing out the silly faces people make during a wank and expecting them to care next time they have one.

"Hic...I know I'm really fucking pished...but what did that bloke say on the telly? Yer knaaa....the one who was pretending to be all pisssssed. Yeah, he said I shouldn't throw up. Great, maybe I'll now avoid doing so."

They might as well have spent the production money on White Lightning.

Gordon Comstock said...

I have to disagree Ben, I think this kind of ad cuts through better than footage of Mancunians glassing one another and girls in A-line miniskirts shitting themselves at bus stops.

Isn't the idea that the most sober person present might feel a twinge of shame at acting out exactly the kind of idiocy that they'd seen in an advert? Or in some fleeting moment of lucidity think, 'I wouldn't do this sober.'

I'm afraid advertising isn't the answer, but while the industry keeps getting the brief I reckon this is a good answer to it.

I don't drink so they can ban the stuff outright for all I care.

And football.

And the Metro.