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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scaring kids for art

This is causing quite a stir on the Botulism Weekly Blog.

Readers seem to be confused about the use of the child.

Scaring the child, really scaring the child, is surely the point. Given the levels of fiction indicated by the Troma horror costumes and the presence of the uncaring mother. In fact, the only thing that's really real in the video is the emotion of the child, the point being that real emotion, as experienced by children, is distasteful on TV.

Doesn't it also say something rather neat about the earnestness of 'kids', even when everything around them utterly fake and stupid?

I think it's a seriously knowing NYU film school type affair. Rather than just a bad video.

And, erm, I rather like it.

That MGMT album is great, but dear God are they boring live.


APROPOS said...

it is a good video and I choose to think that the kid probably had a great time making it - rather than choosing to think that he was traumatised and ruined for life. My kids aren't scared by people in costumes or the things that I think will scare them - they like that kind of thing. Random stuff freaks them out - like In The Night Garden titles, or talking numbers on The Numberjacks...

Anonymous said...

I like it. The mum is hot. E

8ptagenda said...

Where's Bollo?

Ben said...

I think I might stick this on my blog too. Crediting you, of course.