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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pass me the crayons

I'm worried I'm turning into an art director.

I haven't forgotten how to read, but I find myself really liking this campaign which is almost entirely art direction.

So if during the boom years the fashion was for opulence in advertising, the Peacock's Tail effect, perhaps now the pared-down looks really slick and sensible and cool. It even looked good as a Metro wrap, which is a rogue's gallery for the contrived and poorly thought-through.

And it makes not having an 'advertising concept' look good - it's like those fixed wheel bikes that the trendies round this end of London ride around, which are like haikus about transport. It's not baroquely cheap-looking, like Easyjet or Ryanair, just prudent.

Here's the product, here's how much it costs.

Obviously it's a bit disingenous since Waitrose must have paid MCBD a million quid for it.

It might just work though.

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Tom Fun said...

" haikus about transport" would be my Simile of the Week, if I ran a Simile of the Week website.