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Friday, July 03, 2009

Brand New Cadillac

Hey, look at my new shoes.

Rarely have I been so pleased by a view of my own feet. Admittedly, they tip the balance of a look that might kindly have been termed 'anachronistic' into 'supporting dancer from Grease the musical', but still, I was delighted.

I bought them from Paul Smith, because, being a freelancer, I have to dress entirely from Paul Smith.

As a teenager I used to make Paul Smith's tea (milk no sugar), and sometimes I can get clothes there for cheap. As well as making the best shoes, he keeps a blog, that I believe to be authentic. If you want to feel miserable about your life take a gander, lots of cycling, eating in beautiful restaurants and looking at supermodels. As you can see, he's copied my use of the courier face.

I went to buy these shoes even though a friend had scored tickets for Blur last night. Thinking about Blur makes me depressed. They were only ever famous because they were all British music had left once people started making fun of the The Cure. They're just The Kinks but with cynicism instead of wit and an intolerable shit for a singer. All this isn't-it-wonderful-that-they're-back? stuff makes me want to kill myself.

But the shoes.


Joe Pasquale said...

I remember this time I was working at the Megabowl and we saw this guy come in, and he was already wearing bowling shoes, HE DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO HIRE ANY. He just walked in with his designer bowling shoes, walked straight up to the alley, picked up a ball and started bowling. Shit like that doesn't just happen every day.

Gordon Comstock said...

You know a lot of people say you're not funny, and I think that's unfair.

Anonymous said...


Sell! Sell! said...

Ha that's funny Joe.
Swanky shoes, and I agree about Blur.

pauly said...

Doesn't damon albarn have a pair of shoes just like those?

Gordon Comstock said...

Actually Pauly last time I saw him he was wearing a pair of Converse just like the ones you've got on right now.

Pauly said...

No. Conversely, and possibly even more tragically I'm wearing Black Spots:( the anti-brand brand. God I'm so gullible), distressed Hemp uppers with recycled car tyre tread soles.

At my age I should really be slipping into something serviceable and grey from M&S.
(Are sensible shoes the things that indicate you have finally succumbed to middle age?)

Gordon Comstock said...

To the untrained eye, those are Converse low-tops my friend. You have to tell people they're made with distressed hemp, that's the whole point.

I'll let you know about middle age when I get there.