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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Co-branding Watch

Following on from my piece in this month's edition of Spermatozoan Supplement (which I can't myself read as I don't have an online password) here is an advert for Santander.

Arguably this isn't the best time for a bank to be announcing their intention to spend your money childishly. But fine, ok, Santander's bought a load of banks on the cheap and they probably should let people know.

But Airfix! How did they get in there?

If you notice any more co-branding collisions, do let me know in the comments or on the electronical mail.


Tom said...

Aside from Airfix kits becoming an ad cliche, there's something really creepy about the shot of Lewis Hamilton's head being joined to his body. But then he is pretty plastic. I have never, ever seen that man smile. You race cars for a living, cheer up.

Client-side said...

How about their new ad? Scalextric even feature it on their website:

And Vodafone do pretty well out of this campaign too.

p.s. sorry for nicking your photo the other week. Is it very bad blog manners not to credit things like that...?