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Friday, July 10, 2009

Let there be Light

A new collaboration with the wonderful Proxikid. We have devised unique method of writing it, so we both get to be surprised with what comes out. I'm pleased with this one.

The same four characters in every strip. Yes there are four.

Click to enlarge and have a happy Friday.


Ben said...

is that supposed to be an 'is' rather than an 'if' in the first sentence?

Or not?

Gordon Comstock said...


I'll change it a minute.

Anonymous said...

First picture: I read today that only whites get raped in American prisons. Isn't that just typical?

Second picture: racism, alive and well, and the irony is they have white semen, yet their babies come out black.

Third: but that kind of rubbish isn't worth my thoughts, just like this indeterminate orange thing.

Fourth: Unlike this God-bothering piece of skirt. If I was God, she could bother me all day. Bother my steaming great cock while I deliver my punishments. Yeah. That's it.

Gordon Comstock said...

You clearly have a pretty unique approach to humour.

Do you do a lot of laughing on your own?