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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reasons to be cheerful

Sometimes when you haven't been paid for loads of freelance work, your credit cards are being rejected by all major cash machines, your script got spiked and you haven't had a weekend not dominated by a wedding or stag weekend or screaming work nightmare for upwards of a month, it's worth using the tiny sliver of personal time afforded by your journey to work to make a list of the things you're grateful for.

This technique was propounded by Sigmund Freud, inventor of modern life as we know it.

1. Eyes
2. Limbs
3. Wang (fully-operational)
4. Brain
5. The love of a fine red-headed woman
6. Family (not wholly abusive relationship with)
7. Being English
8. The English language
9. Really nice kitchen
10. Recovery
11. Not having swine flu
12. That swine flu has not mutated into a more virulent strain
13. That sea gulls have not mutated into pterodactyls
14. Penicillin
15. Pornography
16. DFW
17. Beginning Creative Writing MA in September
18. Swivel-eyed, cocksucking, sharp-elbowed Metro readers on the tube, for aiding in the daily practice of tolerance and understanding
19. Winston Churchill
20. Umbrellas
21. Portrait of the depressed man from 'Light' by Proxikid
22. This


Ben said...

23: Ben really likes his 3GS

AdLand Suit said...

That is quite, quite wonderful.

I am also relatively cheerful about cheese.

El Mariachi said...

I'm just recovering from Swine Flu. Its not as bad as people think.

So I'd put it on my list.

When you're first diagnosed and you think 'maybe its the end' it puts you in a reflective - and in hindsight, rewarding - mood which is not stressful at all because you know its only an overhyped flu. Which now I can confirm that it is.

Anonymous said...

My computer

Anonymous said...

Thank you x

Pauly said...


Dallas Fort Worth or some Delaney off shoot?

Gordon Comstock said...

You really haven't been concentrating have you Paul?

Anonymous said...

Sorry,what was that?

Mike Laurie said...

We do need to keep an eye on seagulls.