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Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Morning Memento Mori

Obviously this is an absolute gift.

News that a London cabbie contrived to decapitate himself in his own taxi elicited this comment:

I have spoken to at least twenty Taxi Driver today and not one of them was surprised by this unfortunate incident.....

- Ian, London

'Cause it's not at all surprising is it really mate with conditions what they are for cabbies now it's enough to make you want to just tie one end of a rope round yer Gregory Peck and the other round a lamppost and then drive off at sixty pulling yer 'ead clean off.


John said...

I'm not convinced this wasn't just a cry for help.

Or maybe it was The Specials' reunion concerts that drove him over the edge? As a Northerner I imagine this is a massive problem for many Londoners

John said...

PS: Was posting that at "9.11am" deliberate? Hope so.

Anonymous said...

The only time I've heard anyone else killing themselves like that was 10 years ago, in an episode of Blue Jam by Chris Morris. "he's gone to divorce his head from his body"

Ben said...

No, anon. This is the new vogue for self-murderers. I heard about another one like this a couple of months back. I think it has a certain panache, and allows you to drive your car very fast just before you die. Put those two benefits with the obvious plus of being dead and you're onto a real fucking winner.