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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I was pleased to see that Manhole Magazine put my article on the New Sadism on the front page of their blog yesterday - causing a surge in traffic, just in time to witness a whole range of undignified online behaviour from me.

I like to think of anonymous blogging as rather like exposing yourself in public, only whilst wearing a rubber Ronald Reagan mask. My dignity is safe, it is you who feels demeaned.

Anyway, hello there new readers.

They've asked for another piece off me for March, about porn this time - yes, they are appalling degenerates and I've heard stories about their editorial meetings that would make John Stagliano blush, but the times being what they are I'm forced to cooperate, much against my will. It's nice to see this Charlotte St. newsagents making a stand for decency and putting their periodical where it belongs.

I did much more reading for the Manhole piece than I could fit into the article, so hopefully I will be recycling this exuberance over the next couple of days.

The title I gave porno piece was "Did anyone order a sausage pizza?", no doubt they'll call it something disgusting like "The rise of gonzo advertising" - how hard can it be just to get a title right? Tsk.

Update: I've just noticed the subhead on the edition of Forum in my picture. My apologies, I will take it down immediately before anyone else scrolls up to look at it.


PH said...

Is the title of the piece inspired by the...ahem...well known porn site?

Gordon Comstock said...

Pure coincidence. Spooky though isn't it?