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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monday Morning Memento Mori

784 people were murdered in the UK last year - a figure that my American readers will, no doubt, find laughable (ha, ha, joke's on you kiddo). However most murder victims are young men, and in a competitive industry that relies heavily on the creative powers of young men, and with redundancies largely affecting the under 30s, I expect the probability of being murdered by a financially insecure colleague is going to go through the roof over the next year or so.

As Americans always say in these situations, a good offense is the best defence.

PS: I'm actually in Brighton at the moment on an extended Valentine's jaunt with the beautiful K. I believe she's enjoying the Patrick Hamilton tour I'm laying on. Also seeing an old mentor from my days in DM - so this Monday Morning Memento Mori has been triggered remotely, hence the confused date stamp which is just a product of Blogger being fascistic about recording when you started to write a post, rather than when you posted it. All boring, but, you know, here you are still reading so blame yourself; I would if I were you.

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