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Friday, February 20, 2009

Kate Moss is dead

I was sincere in my admiration of Kate's magnificent oeuvre. It seemed to me almost as if she lived her life like a candle in the wind. So it's with some sadness that I lift the jaundiced grave-clothes to reveal the horrifying truth beneath:


I wrote all of Kate's comments.

I retired her because I made a deal: the first negative comment about her and that would be the end. So it came to pass. I think someone wrote something as innocuous as 'is any else bored of Kate Moss?' but that was it, really. I also posted some KM stuff on my/Lunar's blog because it actually made my reader stats shoot up.

What that says about the industry, I have no idea. Incredible levels of boredom, I'd imagine.

As far as the agony aunt thing goes, I had actually considered doing that for ITIABTWC, but I think it's best that she stays in her Y-shaped coffin.

Kill your babies. And your cock-hungry, drug-addled supermodels.


That's Ben Kay, by the way.

Suddenly his whimsical poll (above) seems much less whimsical. I suppose if you're going to out yourself as a transvestite, drug-addict, nymphomaniac, libel-monger then you would choose a person whom nobody would believe to do the deed wouldn't you?

Or would you?

If you don't believe me, you'll have to wait for the Shits Magazine piece on advertising blogging next month. Hey, Shits Researcher, I'm like, totally still waiting for your call.


Anonymous said...

Mmm. There's something intensely creepy about a bloke masquerading as a fetishistic, masochistic slut on an ad blog of all places. Gives me the shivers.

mm said...

and you're the impotent voyeur who jerks off while reading about intensely creepy blokes.

Anonymous said...

id like to meet you.
do you have an email?

Gordon Comstock said...

It's at the bottom of the page.