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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tanks a lot

Dave Mance of Real Men Write Long Copy has very kindly nominated me as the biggest Nazi in advertising this month*. Obviously it's a major award, and I'm up against Dave Trott and Russell Davis, so it's going to be a long shot. I'd really appreciate your help in getting my hands on all that vintage SS leatherwear that Neil "goatee" Perkins is kindly offering as a prize (from his own collection I believe). With the kind of wear I give them, these Chinese lederhosen just don't last.

At the time of writing voting stands at 5 votes to 15. So get on there and vote. Obviously I don't believe in voting in principle, but that didn't stop me.

Really the idea of a load of planners and metricians coming on here to read about redundancy, death, mental illness, video games and porn tickles me fucking senseless.

Thanks Dave.

* I hope no-one's told them I'm not technically in advertising any more. I'm mainly just in my kitchen.

UPDATE: We're now trailing the leader (an eye-wateringly dull post about Noam Chomsky and planning) by 6 votes "Sieg! Sieg! Sieg!"

UPDATE: No zey are getting avay!


Anonymous said...

down hill

real men write long copy said...

You're welcome. It's just nice to be appreciated. Obviously not appreciated enough to get my name right, but appreciated nonetheless.
Keep up the good work.

Adam said...

Brainwash the voters, declare yourself Chancellor of the internet, then annex his blog.

Gordon Comstock said...

Apologies Dave, this was written in a late-night stats frenzy.

5.15 - That's funny because writing it uphill at the moment.

Gordon Comstock said...

Also, 5.15am, what in God's name are you doing at posting from a BT Commercial ISP at 5.15am in the morning. Are you my burglar?

eaon pritchard said...

'eye-wateringly dull'
i'll try and incorporate more swearing in future then.

Gordon Comstock said...

That's the fucking spirit man.

Gordon Comstock said...

What the hell are you doing reading the comments? Go and vote

Tom Fun said...

Gosh it's tight. 30 actual votes each.

PH said...

I just waded in. When I voted you were still losing by 2 or 3 to the boring one.

Integral said...

I just put you one up. You can thank me later.

I'll accept a fiver or a nosh.

Integral said...

How the hell did Eaon's blog entry even get a nomination?

He uses a semi-colon incorrectly in his post.

Goodness gracious me. Is that what this once great nation has come to? Poor punctuation rewarded with plaudits and admiration?

Say what you like about the Nazis, but at least Goebbels knew his arse from his umlaut.

neilperkin said...

Liking the sound of chinese lederhosen. Swap you for some SS leatherwear?

real men write long copy said...

A travesty.
I honestly think people saw Chomsky's name in the title and just assumed it must be a frighteningly clever, well-argued post without actually reading it.

eaon pritchard said...

@real men write long copy
power of keywords, fella.
watch and learn.

real men write long copy said...

Sorry Eaon I got carried away, showing off in front of the other boys.