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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Installation 4/135 - Camera phone, blog, distressed cross-track site

Just when you thought I'd flogged it to death, here is the fourth of my attempts to turn shit to gold by creating a series of 135 relational art works using just my camera phone, existing advertising media and this blog.
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This one is called "They are using a kind of ray to penetrate my thoughts."

As you can see it's created from a cross-track which once displayed the rather nice photographic campaign for The Saturday Times - but it's been stripped off the site, producing an arty patina and revealing the apparently meaningless series of letters "A TURD AY".

The installation is now open on the Northbound platform of the Bakerloo Line at Charing Cross. Go along, contemplate the idea that, despite being discouraged by all the major religions and your girlfriend, egotism is really the only thing that imbues the universe with meaning, otherwise it's just so many worthless inkblots, shown by a mad psychiatrist to an empty couch.

To view the series so far, click here.

1 comment:

Pauly said...

A TURD DAY. Once again you've captured that elusive fellow "The Zeitgeist"

On the subject of Tube platforms have you noticed how the trains now enter the platforms a little tentatively?
A sure sign of the recession....Jumpers! - no longer something that you buy at M&S