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Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Aflutter

I have a piece in The Modern Scoutmaster this month on "The New Sadism". It references Schopenhauer, David Foster Wallace, Daniel Craig and Balzac. At least I think that's what I wrote.

It was originally entitled "Branding. No really." But apart from that it seems to have got through without cuts - which is a career first. And it's on the cover.

My thanks Mark.

Rush down to the shops and steal one right away.


PH said...

Good work fella. Anywhere I can said article before this month's Creative Review, Volvic-like, filters down through the Agency and hits our basement office around Jan 2010...?

Gordon Comstock said...

I suggest you choose a newsagents several miles from your home, run inside in a state of agitation and tell them you've been stabbed and could they call an ambulance - and in the meantime ask them frantically for a copy of The Modern Scoutmaster telling them that amongst the grooming tips is a section on basic triage for today's stabby scouting climate.

You will need to lightly stab yourself also.