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Friday, January 23, 2009


I saw this last night - I'm assuming it's just a cry for help like last time. It does seem like he's really upset though. I mean, it is very disappointing, but I can't help thinking blowing yourself up is a bit of an over-reaction. Does anyone have a number for him?

If it's some kind of joke I think it's very poor taste indeed.

In other news, it looks like Brother Alex's mental health problems have overwhelmed him this week. You are in our thoughts. But we do have exciting new art from Brother Stevie this afternoon.

I'll leave gushing over the new Cadbury's ad to Scamp I think.


PH said...

He does seem very highly-strung these days.

If This Is A Blog Then What's Christmas said...

Your impersonation of me isn't as good as your Trotty.

But then I would say that.

Gordon Comstock said...

I'm inclined to blame you for that. But that's just me.

Obviously your very reasonable reaction makes me look a bit stupid - but having worked out how to do it, I found I couldn't then not do it.