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Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Morning Memento Mori

Remember, death can come at any time.


Anonymous said...

Either death or atheism. I had a very interesting discussion this morning on the bus with a friend. He heard of a driver who refused to drive a bus with the said ad on it. I though it was fascinating. Completely forgot people still believed. I really think this should be an obsolete thing. It only makes sense in poor little countries, plagued by illness and poverty – as it keeps the spirits up, and lessens the wish for revenge (even though I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing. People need to let their anger out).

Integral said...

"Death can come at any time."

So can my Monday morning memento mori, apparently.

Ten past two, Gordon? You ought to be ashamed. I had to get through the entire first five hours of today manufacturing my own reasons to be miserable.


Gordon Comstock said...

Integral - you managed to both get and miss the point there. I can only do that gag once though.

Integral said...

You set em up and I'll fall over them.

PH said...

Gordon where's my comment about atheism gone?

Gordon Comstock said...

Was that not you up at the top there? I must admit, I thought that was Proxikid - I sort of fucked up the comment approval process and ended up re-typing that comment and then reposting it anonymously.

That's the only comment I had about atheism though. Although it was weirdly posted twice. So maybe blogger fucked up.

I only approve the comments to preserve my anonymity - you can say what you like here.

PH said...

Ah then I fucked up. Still getting to grips with this complex blogging technology. (It wasn't very interesting anyway.)