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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sisters of Inversion Pt.2

I'm very proud to present the second part of my collaboration with the genius who is Brother Stevie - Sisters of Inversion. Please click to enlarge - the devil is in the details.

You can view the first part here.

I'm having an exciting time at the moment, about which, more later. In the meantime, I suggest you amuse yourself with a visit to Brother Stevie's excellent Dusty Wolf Eagle blog. Or Wal's place where I'm engaging with an ill-advised flame-war with some cunt.


mm said...

does a virtual scrap mean the hate is confined to the blog or is there a chance it could spill over into an all out agency gang war?

Anonymous said...

This blog is a piece of shit. And at least get your art director to recommend a decent typeface.

Gordon Comstock said...

Yep, that's him. Really impressively stupid isn't he?

Anonymous said...

its a she actually, you fucking speck

Gordon Comstock said...

Mmm. Late night angry posting. This is great, it's like having a bluebottle trapped under a glass. Anything else to add dear?

Anonymous said...

It's a fascinating little world.
Love the comic. Drinks soon?

O. x