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Monday, January 12, 2009

DM from above

I noticed this in The Gazan, sorry, The Guardian on Saturday.

I wonder whether the creative team got the whole brief ("warning as threat") or whether the planner just went on and on about its being a "warning", creating an increasingly queasy atmosphere around himself, until eventually the art director asked him straight out whether it was a "threat" or a "warning", whereupon the planner said "well, it's sort of an admonition".

Fucking planners hey?


adamlarge said...

From what I understand, there was at least a strong call to action: leave your house before it gets bombed.

If that doesn't generate a decent response rate, the future of DM really is in peril.

Combined with their YouTube channel, it appears the IDF really does have one of that most modern breed - the 'media agnostic' planner.

Gordon Comstock said...

Yes, apparently to avoid booby-traps and snipers the IDF won't enter buildings through the door - preferring instead to smash a hole in the wall. Lateral thinking as Dave Trott might say.

They also seem to have been prank calling Palestinian buildings before they bomb them.

adamlarge said...

“Hello, I’m doing a survey on behalf of the IDF. Can I start by asking where you first came to hear of our military engagement? Was it:
A. A leaflet
B. YouTube
C. Word of mouth – Israeli solider with megaphone, recently orphaned child etc
D. Other

Secondly, based on your experience, would you recommend the IDF to someone thinking of having their country severely f*cked up?

Thank you. Now, if you stay on the line, we’ll send you a special reward.”