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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just another slimy bore

Horrible isn't it?

I don't mean Iggy Pop doing an ad, he can do whatever he wants - he did a really nice print execution for Levis in the 90s, before he was fashionable again, that just had him and Ice T and said something like "501 - True Originals" on it - it's just this is a terribly badly written spot that wastes an amazing opportunity - the fact that Iggy is now 60 and is living proof that you can take huge risks and not just live to tell the tale but revel in it, live an enviable life, surely might have yielded something better than this?

This is the man that said, "if I'm sitting at the table, I want to be playing for the highest stakes possible" - clearly someone who's aware of the uniqueness of his existence, the probabilities involved and the importance of risk. For an insurance company? They could have written such a good ad about him. It makes me want to cry. What a fucking waste.

Obviously it's better than the John Lydon butter ads - that is its own kind of awful.

After that you may need to remind yourself of his greatness...


Jeezus - irony of ironies, Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton was found dead at his home in Ann Arbor today. What is the probability of that? In fact, this whole post, with the ad, and with my analysis of it, followed by this subsequent revelation about Ron Asheton's death would be a much better ad about the total, downright perverse unpredictably of existence and hence the necessity of life insurance than the one the creative team wrote.


neil christie said...

I don't know whether to be gratified by Iggy finally being able to cash in on his 'iconic' status or dismayed by the caricature he has turned himself into for commercial purposes. (Or was that what he was trying to do, unsuccessfully, right from the early days?) In a world where even Keith Richards feels the need to squeeze an extra few quid out of endorsing Louis Vuitton, it's hard to begrudge The Idiot his retirement fund.
It's not on YouTube, as far as I can see, but I seem to remember a great Iggy TV ad for Virgin Atlantic from a few years back. It featured the man talking about the rock'n'roll quality of Virgin Upper Class and its beverage service and, I believe, closed with The Ig delivering the priceless line 'Mine's a large one.' I seem to recall that the BACC required Iggy to withdraw his large one following complaints, but I may have got that part wrong.
Sad news about Ron, but at least he got to have his comeback before he burnt out.

Nice blog, BTW.

Gordon Comstock said...

I think years of hardship have taught Iggy the the meaning of integrity. Did you know he also has shares in Apple?

Thanks Neil, nice agency, BTW.

Dan said...

Iggy Pop once spat in my face and called me a 'cocksucker'. It was one of the proudest moments of my life.

Gordon Comstock said...

Yes, I have an excellent live recording of "Lust for life", where he runs out on stage shouting, "Alright you little Nazi pricks, you want my dick your face? Eat my dick, I play rock."

I sometimes mutter this to myself when I'm quite sure there's no one else at the urinal.