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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Installation 2/135 - Camera phone, blog, antique poster.

So this is the second in my series of 135 relational art works, carried out using just my mobile phone camera, this blog and existing advertising media.

This one is called "I just didn't know how to trust."

It's ancient advert for Abbey National, revealed during the renovation of one of CBS Outdoor's advertising sites on the tube. I'd date this poster as coming from around 1960, or even the late 50s, I'm not even sure it is a poster - it might be painted - there is nothing digital out there that gives this colour scheme for the brand. It's not 80s cause they had the umbrella-house logo by then, and it's not 70s because it's not brown and orange.

Even if the ad has only been there 40 years, had you taken its advice at the time, your savings of £10,000, with compound interest, would now be worth in the order of hundreds of thousands of pounds. In real terms, with inflation, more or less what you'd invested. Like it says "safety first".

(These calculations may be flawed, so if you know better, please let me know.)

The installation is open now, at the bottom of the escalators leading to the Piccadilly Line at Kings Cross Station. I haven't actually come to any kind of arrangement with the curators of my art works, CBS Outdoor, so they'll probably put one of those clever Lycatel ads with the bloke whose head is also the globe over it any second now. It's all about transience darling.

Now I just have to find another 133 of these.

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